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A company's workforce represents the organization's most valuable asset. How employees perform their jobs is the key factor in determining the success of the company. However, every individual, either a job applicant or an employee, differs along many dimensions especially in personal characteristics, innate ability, strengths, and weaknesses and motivational levels. Manarom HR Psychotest Services assist your organization through offering better approaches to employee selection that provide an excellent starting point for predicting future success.

What we help?

In addition to interview and observation, Manarom psychometric tests which can be systematically scored are administered to measure individual differences to enhance the quality and quantity of information available when selecting staff.

At Manarom we use psychotest tests to:

  • Identify personality and ability for recruitment, reassignment and promotion purposes
  • To identify strengths and growth areas for personal development
  • Management and leadership evaluations
  • Career guidance
  • Restructuring

Whether you are hiring or want to evaluate current employees, the test offered by Manarom will provide the detailed information you need to make the best possible personnel decision.

BCA (Manarom Basic Competency Assessment)

BCA is a helpful tool for initial screening of general applicants. This is the tool you need to identify the best applicants in less than 15 minutes. The assessment is more effective than studying the various resume as the tests measure the core abilities: the listening skills or the verbal intelligence and the abstract reasoning skills that are required for success in any job. This test will help guide you to the candidates that should be advanced to interview and other psychotests as deemed appropriate.

MCA (Manarom Cognitive Assessment)

MCA is a nonverbal test that measures the candidate’s cognitive ability correlated as IQ. The higher the score in comparison to the norm show that the candidate is likely to have the skills to perceive and think clearly. This test assesses skills essential for professionals, executives, managements, managers, and potential talents which includes advanced observation and clear-thinking skills, complex problem solving, abstract reasoning, strategic thinking and the ability to learn. For employers they are a great complement to resumes, especially when candidates are too junior, too similar, or too different to be compared on experience.

MPI (Manarom Personality Inventory)

Match the right person to right job by understanding his/her personality and working styles through our assessment. Research shows that personality tests are much better predictors of performance than are years of experience or education. MPI can help complement your decision in making the right hire through anticipation of personality, prediction of job fit and job satisfaction. This scientifically-valid assessment also help identify those that may have answered the test too favorably, those with uncommon responses or acquiescence, so that a clearer picture can be obtained from further interview.

MRT (Manarom Resilience Psychotest)

Resilience is individual’s skills to withstand, adapt to, and recover adversity, trauma, tragedy threats or significant sources of stress such as family and relationship problems, serious health problems or workplace and financial stressors. MRT help you to assess candidates’ ability to identify the most constructive ways to move forward or bounce back with vigor and enthusiasm to get it right the next time.

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